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Cool Chicken Coops

home made incubator & instructions

roost in the run

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I have grown culinary herbs longer than I have kept chickens and with the addition of chickens to my backyard, it was natural to cut sprigs of herbs to tuck into the chicken coop bedding, hang from the ceiling and toss into nest boxes to freshen things up. If aromatherapy is the only benefit to placing herbs in my coops, I’m fine with that, however, aromatherapy may not be the end of the herbal story.

eBayer says: Custom Made 4 Hole Automatic Filling Chicken Waterer "Best Out There" | eBay

Winter brings many challenges for the backyard chicken-keeper, and frozen water is chief among them. You can make your own waterer heater for use with either metal or plastic waterers. It will cost less than $10, cost pennies to run and you can complete the project in under ten minutes.

Make a Cookie Tin Waterer Heater. Under $10, & 10 minutes!

Suffolks Small Chicken Coop, Green

cottage chicken coop

CHEZ FIFI: June 2009

GREAT Article: "What I Wish I had Known Before Getting Chickens" LOTS of great info such as: having a bigger coop than you think you need, have everything ready before the babies arrive, why to use sand for the coop floor, and much more...

GROW in chicken area!!!!!!! Taken at the Rosemoor Royal Horticultural Garden in Great Torrington, England, these squashes are thriving, growing up and over a trellis, creating a covered walkway. Not only are the plantings beautiful, they're edible, too.