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4-Minute Scrat Video: Use for inferring, predicting, cause and effect. Possible discussions: What does he value? How does he problem solve? What is the lesson(s)?

Informational Text (nonfiction) Question Cards for Any Book. Great for discussion or journal prompts. $

Over a dozen fun and free sight word games for kindergarten

LOTS of ideas to use as Guided Reading tools

Teaching kids to refer to text in a fun way- color-coded comprehension! :)

Books hanging from the ceiling is a great way to add pizzazz to the reading area.

Tons of tips on how to use #Google Docs in your classroom.

BRILIANT!! Why didn't I think of this before?! **Vowel Game** •Each child has a laminated strip of vowels and a clothespin. •I say a CVC word like "cat." •The children listen and then put their clothespin on the vowel they hear in the CVC word. What is so great about this game is that you can have the children hold up their strips and you can quickly check and see who is "getting it." And best of all, it is fun!-cute!

"b" and "d"` letter reversal help: Little a is in little d. Use corrugated paper for kinaesthetic learners to teach that "a" and "d" begin with a bumpy, circular stroke. "B", on the other hand, begins with a smooth, downward stroke.

For kids who are easily distracted or overwhelmed by amount of work. Put assignments/responsibilities onto a paper in a file folder. Cut the file folder into thirds so that the student sees 2-3 tasks at one time. This is helpful for multi-step problems and organizational difficulties as well as difficulties with attention. Essential for students with NVLD or Processing Disorders as well as ADHD!

A - B - Seymour: Leveled Reading Comprehension Passages

Short and OH so will absolutely "get" this!

This unit is intended to help young students determine the difference between letters and words. In addition, it will also help them locate some sight words and vowels. Finally, the students will be provided with extra practice writing sentences.

AMAZING inside recess - a website that will get them moving! it's fun and FREE!!!!!

FREEBIE! CVC puzzles, short u edition. 15 puzzles and differentiated recording sheets included.

THE HOKEY POKEY brain break with Lyrics (1:45)