Beginners Guide to Keeping Chickens. This is such a great article and you will fall in love with the young girl in the teepee made from branches too. If you are thinking about having your own chickens or have them already, you will want to read this article.

now THIS is how you do a laundry room! tabletop for folding, simple cabinets to hide stuff, and a tv for watching while folding!

This is Starpath, a sprayable glow in the dark lighting system that makes pathways twinkle like a billion little stars after the sun goes down.

Ouija Board Rug and Table. Awesome.

Ceramic from Amaï Saigon home ware

Outdoor covered patio with fireplace, great addition idea.

Two shower curtains and a valance elevate the boring bathtub nook. kind of in love with this.

Trashcan? Dustpan? This ingenious design gives you two helpful products in one. The dustpan lifts off the top; the magnetic brush sticks to the side so it's always ready to work. (Brendan Ravenhill Dustbin / $149 / West Elm)

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