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Domestic Display : Seripop in the home

Prints end up in the home. If you have some of our prints on display holler at me.

coco at a few months old, loving seripop

Stimmung poster hanging with the shit tickets.

Tyr's loft is full of magik. And has our Vashti Bunyan & our Unicorns posters above the couch.

Sometimes, Graeme & Emilly go by Graememilly. This is there St Henri stairway , guarded by a killer cat

Andre & Julie are pretty fancy up there in Little Italy

Doesn't that vase kind of look like an energy drink can put in another dimension? Some really early zones here , that Sick Lipstick / Rockets Red Glare poster is from 2002 people on gp didn't dig it The Poster above it in pink is from our first gallery show in Toronto.

Lee & Jenny are fancy legitimate adults , you can tell because they own a credenza. They make babies and doubles in Toronto. We at Seripop made 4 out of these 6 prints.

Oh look, M & K own a copy of the first Seripop poster ever. For our old band The Electric End. We still have that knife but it's not the best.

Mike and Kathy keep our Nihilist Spasm Band , Solider print and Hot Snakes gigposter (2002 , old skool) in the hallway to frighten away potential burglars in Edmonton.

Dave in Bath, England has the NDP election poster we made in '05 just chillin' with some action figures.

Dave in Bath, England has our 2005 An Albatross / AIDS Wolf and our 2004 "Coattail to Heaven" posters flanking Miss Amy Jo's Dirtbombs poster

Brad got our Necronomitron / AIDS Wolf gigposter from 2003 & our An Albatross 2006 tour poster guarding his tape collection against faeries.

2 colour screenprinted Dirty 3 poster from 2003 on Jake's kitchen table with Ubu Roi & sugar.

Joe also has a poster we did for Sick Lipstick , An Albatross & our band AIDS Wolf back in '03. It has a gnome.

Joe commissioned this tour poster for Popular Shapes in 2004 , we made it , he framed it and put it on his wall.

2003 screenprinted US Maple Poster by Seripop on Jake's wall

Nate's chilling out with The Seripop Nihilist Spasm Band poster looking on at him.