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Unique Tattoo Designs

Looking for a tattoo that is a result of out of the box creativity! Check out this collection.

My KU Jayhawk tattoo by Michael Williams in Austin, TX. Based on the 1912 jayhawk but with a girly touch!

Girly Tattoo

Girly Tattoo 女孩風刺青 | 女人迷 womany

Another variation of the All You Need Is Love tattoo I posted before. #beatles #lyrics

Duke Riley, East River Tattoo in Brooklyn, NYC. #tattoos

For My Daddy

Tattoo Artists of the Day Brent and Kalynne Severson

Artista: Marcin Aleksander Surowiec & Kris Ciezlik

Tattoo do Dia - tattooistart

If you think it looks familiar, it is from Pink Floyd's The Wall. by ~tommylee210

TattooAddicted deviantART Gallery

I’ve had pet rats for the last four years and I love them more than anything else in the world. So for all the pet rats I’ve lost, will lose, and will bring into my home, I got this tattooed onto my left shoulder. Everyone likes to point out its like I have some sort of guardian sitting on my shoulder, now, and I love it. It couldn’t be more fitting for me, and for my pets I love. Tattoo was done by Daryll at Next of Skin in Pickering, Ontario.