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DK DiSantis

DK DiSantis

This photo is a stenciled lace design, but I tried something similar on my windows using textured spray snow that I added iridescent fine Prisma glitter to. It was so lovely for the holidays, especially with the addition of a solar antique looking candle light on the windowsills.

Pine Cone Hill - everything they do is "yummy"... ordering this for my daughters dorm room today!

51 of THE BEST and BUDGET FRIENDLY Backyard ideas I have EVER seen!!! Inspired!!!!!

Katheryn Winnick wearing Roland Mouret - She is gorgeous whether she is covered in mud on the set of Vikings, or dressed like a Hollywood starlet from the 40's...

Turn an old bunk bed into a stargazing loft retreat.

Rubber Stamped Sugar Cookies...... So great!

BEFORE you plan to make these YUMMY cupcakes, or anything else ever again that calls for Vanilla Extract, go to Amazon and buy: the Nielsen Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Paste I buy the 32 oz. bottle for $35.00 with free Prime shipping because it is MUCH cheaper than paying almost $12.00 for 4oz. It is THE best thing to use when you really want amazing vanilla flavor without the expense of vanilla beans. .

Steve Areen built his dream home in Thailand in just SIX weeks, with only $9,000.00.... I am in AWE of this home and him!

THIS should be on Anderson Cooper's RIDICULIST!!! A FAUX Cala Lily Arrangement.... ON SALE FOR $500.50!! They WERE ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND TWELVE DOLLARS..... So........ pick up fresh Lily's at the store for say $15.00-$20.00 a bunch every week for a couple months AND have enough left over to make a donation to a Homeless Shelter or BUY THESE! UNREAL

Why does a Prom Dress mean you have to wear a dress that looks like it was designed for either Las Vegas or a Prom... dare to be unique, and be you... don't settle for the status quo.

The MOST incredible homes made from SHIPPING CONTAINERS!!!!! I would do this in a heartbeat....We are surrounded by so many possibilities for re-purposing what you never imagined we could.

If it were in Carmel, or Taos, and there is a fireplace not in view, this would be the most perfect bedroom ever...Organic Pueblo Style Home

I posted this photo as an example of how incredibly beautiful and yet fleeting our lives are.... this photo captured the happiest moment in their lives...though is a reminder to me that I need to be present in the moment, appreciate more those that I love, and to never get so comfortable, that I forget it can vanish in an instant....

I Do... One year later..... Such an incredibly sweet idea. I hope they plan to do a new photo shoot every anniversary for the rest of their lives... (A Snowy One Year Anniversary Shoot in Provo, Utah)

Well this put a smile on my face today....

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING.... A yummy alternative is to substitute raspberry preserves in place of the apricot, then drizzle chocolate glaze over entire cake before slicing.... French Almond Cookie Cake with Apricot Cream Cheese Glaze

The best wedding memories are the ones you make with your guests... when everyone lets their guard down and just gets silly:) Photo Booth Props - So easy to make your own too!

So easy to make your own as well... great idea for a party, or wedding where you have set up a photo booth, or an area with a photographer taking group photos

Winner of the Best Residential Pool and Spa Combination... gorgeous

Just in case you didn't already know:)

Mounds Brownies... But don't use "canned frosting" like EVER... if you can help it:) I make all of it from scratch. This is a good chewy brownie recipe link: www.inspiredtaste... I use all organic ingredients, and add 1/4 cup shaved & minced dark chocolate.

Rainbow cookies... If you want to really make them more special serve these on "clouds" of white cotton candy that have been sprinkled with iridescent edible glitter. Lay the cookies out in a rainbow pattern:)

I don't care what anyone says, to me she never misses the mark....she looks ethereal. And Elie Saab is such an amazing designer.

Bringing back cocktail parties might actually reverse the trend toward social graces being a thing of the past:)