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Danish Folk Costume

The traditional folk dress and costume of the Danish peoples. It varies widely from one Danish community to another. Just beautiful!

Ensemble, 20th century, Danish.

Danish ladies belt, 1800 - 1900

Danish Bonnet (1800-1843)

Bonnet, silk and metal thread, 1800-1943, Danish.

Danish Bonnet, late 1800s. This bonnet is typical for the island of Sjælland. The gold-work embroidery was densely worked in a variety of unique patterns and was so costly, it took years for some to save enough to get one and they were often passed down through the generations.

Danish Bonnet, 1825 -1850. This bonnet belonged to an unmarried woman from Lolland, Denmark.

Silver key was a status symbol worn by #Viking women. This particular design is a copy of the gripping beast style. 9th century from Scandinavia. #Danish National Museum.

Danish #folkdress Denmark