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Cats, Cats, Cats

ღ "Cats are connoisseurs of comfort." ღ READ BEFORE PINNING! 1. Do not pin more than five pins at a time. 2. Pins MUST link to their original websites or recipes (check to make sure it's a legitimate site before you pin and DO NOT pin just a google or yahoo image) 3. Pins may not be "uploaded by user" unless they are your original content. 4. No advertisements, please. Please follow these rules so we can make this a truly wonderful community board.

So cool

What a cutie. All kittens are cute, I feel very sad for the thousands that are produced each season. It is a people problem of irresponsibility to allow the overpopulation of unwanted kitties. Please spay and neuter.

Cat And Lynx Become Inseparable Friends. Click to watch their video.

Pretty orange tabby and white norwegian forest cat