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Can you help? Raising money "For Kelsey's Return to College" - the school is essentially holding her transcript "for ransom" right now due to her having to withdraw from classes mid-term over a problem related to her airborne peanut-anaphylaxis

Website for Deborah (Debi) Taylor-Hough - author of the bestselling Frozen Assets cookbook series - Frugal Living for Dummies - A Simple Choice: A Practical Guide for Saving Your Time, Money and Sanity - editor of Simple Times enewsletter #debihough

About Me | The Original Simple Mom

Debi's Evolving Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Personally, I find a lunch consisting of a warm grilled cheese sandwich and a hot bowl of tomato soup to be one of the all-time great comfort foods that exists. Brings back warm, fuzzy memories of both my mom and my grandma. ♥ #debihough

Debi's Crispy Chocolate Rice Treats - if a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and a Rice Krispy Treat had a baby, this yummy treat would be it! YUM! ♥ #debihough

"Frugal Living for Dummies is NOT a good title. No one in today's economy is a 'Dummy' for trying to live frugal! This book gives hundreds of great, easy to follow tips for living better on less in the 'for Dummies' format. A very good read ... especially in tough financial times." - Terri B. Keating #debihough

Debi's Tex-Mex Layered Dip - This is one of my standby recipes that I take to potlucks or serve when we’re hosting a Game Night for friends and family at our house. It’s always a huge hit … and never any leftovers! #debihough

Debi's Tex-Mex Layered Dip Recipe

FREE ebook! ♥ The Simple Mom's Idea Book ♥ $0.01 (-.01) ♥ "If you’ve been looking for some simple ideas for life and homemaking from someone’s who been around the block more than once, look no further. Have no fear … the Simple Mom is here!" #debihough

Debi's Grandma's Buttermilk Pancakes Recipe ... the lightest, fluffiest, melt-in-your-mouth breakfast ever! ♥ #debihough

Debi's Cream-of-Whatever Soup Substitute -- No need for 10 different "cream of" this or that in your cupboard ... you control the ingredients ... this can even be made gluten-free #debihough

For one of her college classes, my daughter #kelseyhough had to do a podcast interview and add it to her blog. She decided to interview me and talk about cooking ahead for the freezer. If you want to give it a listen, you can find it here. :-) #debihough

"The Ten Minute Tidy!" ♥ This really is my favorite home organization technique. I even had people from HGTV film my family doing this in our house several years ago for their Smart Solutions show. Fun, fun! ~Debi #debihough

Spaghetti Pie (freeze-ahead recipe) from Debi Taylor-Hough - author of the Frozen Assets cookbook series. #debihough

Why cook every night when you can cook once a week for seven (or more) delicious, healthy, family-approved meals? Frozen Assets Lite and Easy shows readers how to be healthy while still saving time and money, with shopping lists, recipes, and detailed instruction on how to make freezer cooking work for you. #debihough