I love you in any condition and under any circumstances.

74 things you can do to brighten your spouse's (or significant other's) day. Plus this site has TONS of great marriage articles

Recipe For Love Ingredients: 1 Cup of Romance 1 Pinch of Humor 2 Spoonfull of Joy 1lb of Compatibility 3 Tablespoons of Trust 1/2lb of Sharing 1 Zest of Tenderness and 3/4 cup of Patience…


TRUE! If you can't say that your husband is priceless. What will it take for you to feel that way? If you already feel that he is priceless, LET HIM KNOW TONIGHT!

Description: This shirt is designed to show your love for your husband and your love for the Lord Jesus Christ. On the shirt it says, "I Love My Husband, Which Is Bonded By Our Love For Christ.”

Always Beside You ♥

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