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All of us have studied what society "TELLS" us is History in school & some have majored in it...BUT do we REALLY know our true history? As Shakespeare said-"And therefore as a stranger give it welcome. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." What can you find about Earth's, (& BEYOND} HIDDEN History? Please pin ONLY what is RELEVANT TO THE BOARD!! {{ABSOLUTELY NO PORN, HATE OR SALES }} ONLY PINS RELEVANT to the Board!

Cantonese pirate Ching Shih (1775-1844) left prostitution to terrorize the China Sea with a fleet of 1,800 ships & more than 80,000 pirates. She was so powerful that the Chinese emperor offered her amnesty. So she took her loot, opened a gambling house & lived happily for 34 more years.

Gerald Gallego and Charlene Gallego were a killing team sometimes nicknamed "The Love Slave Killers". More often than not, they would abduct two women at a time from public or semi-public places, often at gunpoint, with Charlene acting as the lure, and take them into their van where Gerald would rape them repeatedly before killing them in various ways, usually by shooting them or bludgeoning them with some incidental object.

Piri Reis: Unquestionably not a hoax, the map is certifiably authentic, but the information on the map is of mysterious origin. Piri Reis himself notes that the map was drawn from information sourced from other, older maps, charts and logs, many of which, Hapgood suggests, may have been copied and transcribed repeatedly since before the destruction of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt, which wiped out the literature of antiquity and vast cultural knowledge.

Charles Raymond Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate were a pair of teenaged spree killers. In 1958 they killed at least 15 people. Starkweather was executed by electric chair. Fugate's life sentence was commuted and she spent 17 years at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women in York, Nebraska before being released early for good behavior. A retired medical aide, she married in 2007 and lives in Lansing, Michigan, still maintaining her innocence.

More than 50 geoglyphs, including one shaped like a swastika, have been discovered in northern Kazakhstan.

A geoglyph in the shape of a swastika in northern Kazakhstan

Caption: An artist’s impression of what the Great Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza may have looked like when they were originally built. Note that the water surrounding the sphinx actually formed a sacred lake that would have submerged half of its body.

In this photo the restoration block-work on the body of the sphinx can be seen clearly, in multiple layers, revealing beneath it a very weathered original stone. Concrete has been used to fill in the headdress as well as deep rivets in the body. Horizontal signs of weathering can be seen on the wall behind the sphinx that would have enclosed a lake. (photo copyright Marek Kocjan 2006)

This diagram shows the Sphinx from above. Directly in front of it is the Sphinx Temple, and to its right is the Valley Temple, which has two quays protruding from it (the ones with the blue spikes) which would have brought people into the Giza site by boat and formed the entrance to the entire Giza plateau.

  • Love Light Knowledge

    A causeway leads from the Valley Temple (offset at 14 degrees due east) past the Sphinx. The waters of the river Nile would have also reached into the area around the Sphinx, creating a sacred lake. The area around the Sphinx was dug out to create the lake, and the giant blocks excavated used to build the Sphinx and Valley Temples.

The Great Sphinx being excavated, starting in 1817 AD. Its paws are already covered in restoration stones from Roman times and a head that is obviously too small for the body, which is extremely weathered.

Via Tumblr #feminism

150,000-Year-Old Pipes Baffle Scientists in China: Out of Place in Time? In a mysterious pyramid in China’s Qinghai Province near Mount Baigong are three caves filled with pipes leading to a nearby salt-water lake. There are also pipes under the lake bed and on the shore. The iron pipes range in size, with some smaller than a toothpick. The strangest part is that they may be about 150,000 years old.

Ms. Esther Jones, known by her stage name, "Baby Esther," was an African-American singer and entertainer of the late 1920s. She performed regularly at The Cotton Club in Harlem. Her singing trademark was..."boop oop a doop, "in a babyish voice. Singer Helen Kane purportedly saw Baby's act in 1928 and "adopted" her style in her hit song "I Wanna Be Loved By You." Ms. Jones' singing style, along with Ms. Kane's hit song, went on to become the inspiration for Max Fleischer's "BETTY BOOP."

  • Teresa

    Betty Boop inspired by a beautiful and talented AFRICAN AMERICAN woman??? Why does that Not surprise me?

  • Jessica Carden

    This is not Esther jones tho this is a Russian model from 2008

A replica of the stone circle at Nabta Playa (4,800BC) from the Aswan Nubia museum (photo copyright wiki user Raymbetz 2009)

The ruins of the Essenes community at Qumran (photo copyright 2011 wiki user MotherForker)

A drawing published in 1883 of the Loch Nell serpent mound in Scotland. The altar in the stone circle at the head of the serpent is in the foreground, and the 3 mountain peaks in the background. The design of this particular serpent mound is strikingly similar to the one in the United States.

  • Odette Mathur

    do you mean Loch Ness? or is this something else?

  • Love Light Knowledge

    Hi Odette, no it is another and different lake. It is very special because not only was another Serpent Mound discovered in the USA but they both have solar alignments at the time of the solstices and equinoxes.

  • Odette Mathur

    ok interesting thanks

The summer solstice sunrise aligns with the avenue off the circle around Stonehenge. At sunrise the sun shines down the avenue into the center of the stone circle.

The temple atop of Externsteine near Horn-Bad Meinberg, Germany. The hole in the shrine aligns to the summer solstice sunrise. (photo copyright wiki user R. Engelhardt 6 June 2007)

The cave at Ajanta called number 26, which aligns to the summer solstice sunrise. As the sun rises, a beam of light penetrates this cave and illuminates the stupa and the statue of Buddha within. (photo copyright 2011 wiki user dola.das85)

The serpent mound in Ohio, whose head aligns with the summer solstice sunset. (photo copyright 2002 Timothy A. Price and Nicole I.)

Celtic lunar astrology chart

December 13, 2013: Snow in Egypt for the first time in 112 years.

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