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All of us have studied what society "TELLS" us is History in school & some have majored in it...BUT do we REALLY know our true history? As Shakespeare said-"And therefore as a stranger give it welcome. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." What can you find about Earth's, (& BEYOND} HIDDEN History? Please pin ONLY what is RELEVANT TO THE BOARD!! {{ABSOLUTELY NO PORN, HATE OR SALES }} ONLY PINS RELEVANT to the Board!

40,000 Year Old Missing Piece Found For Ice Age Lion Sculpture Archaeologists from the University of Tübingen have found an ancient fragment of ivory belonging to a 40,000 year old animal figurine. The fragment on the left makes up half the head of the animal figure on the right, showing that the “lion” was fully three-dimensional, and not a relief as long thought.

10 Unsolved Mysteries Of World War II UFOs, buried treasure, and missing people are just some of the many unresolved mysteries of World War Two. Music = Bullet to the Brain by Kerry Muzzey

Ria Ramkissoon starved her one year old son to death on the orders of a cult leader after he did not say "amen" before a meal. The cult leader, who called herself Queen Antoinette, had told Ramkissoon that her son needed to starved because he was possessed by an evil spirit. She was sentenced to 20 years for her crime on April 21, 2010.

Conner Doran (17), Simon Evans (14) and Brandon Doran (14) killed a homeless man on 17 AUG 2012. Conner and Simon kicked and beat the man while Brandon stood watch. Connor even climbed on to a storage cage so he could jump on his chest. The homeless man suffered a fractured eye socket, a collapsed lung and a broken rib cage. He died in hospital six days later from blood poisoning. CCTV footage helped catch the killers

"Christian home-schoolers" receive maximum jail time for death of a child. Hana’s death was consistent with a corporal punishment style advocated by many "Christian" extremists and memorialized in the controversial book To Train Up A Child. According to reports, Hana was beaten and starved as part of a regimen of corporal punishment subscribed to by many "Christian" home-schoolers and other "Christian" fundamentalists.

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An unidentified flying object on a 17th century French coin continues to mystify rare coin experts. Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) January 28, 2005 -- After decades of seeking possible answers about a mysterious UFO-like design on a 17th century French copper coin, a prominent numismatic expert says it remains just that: an unidentified flying object. After a half-century of research, the design has defied positive identification by the numismatic community.

COVERT SCIENCE-Jackie Gleason was playing golf with close friend Richard Nixon when the subject of UFOs came up. Nixon said little at the time but later ditched his bodyguards, picked up Gleason and drove him to a heavily-guarded complex at Homestead AFB. There he showed him the wreckage of a crashed spaceship and the frozen bodies of dead aliens. Gleason’s wife said the event heavily traumatized him-he couldn't sleep for weeks and doubled his usual intake of alcohol. "Passing Strange-1910-2013"

Nahanni National Park in Canada is considered one of the last remaining unexplored places on Earth, and if what the Dené peoples say is true, it may be for the best that it stays that way. Their history tells of a great evil deep within the wilderness, a powerful tribe known as the Naha, but the only evidence we have of the Naha is the headless bodies of those that venture into the gorge. Welcome to the Valley of the Headless Men…

The Falcon Lake Incident: The Falcon Lake Incident is a reported unidentified flying object (UFO) encounter near Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada claimed to have occurred on May 20, 1967 by Stefan Michalak. He claims to have burned his hand while attempting to examine “colourful glass” found around the object and seen a grid-like exhaust vent that expelled gas that burned his clothing.

It has been suggested that there is evidence of basic machining at Puma-punka, as the following photo demonstrates.A close inspection of the stone above reveals that there are regularly spaced drill marks in the precision-cut 6mm groove.

Ancient Mesopotamia -"There were giants in the earth in those days - and also afterward - when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and they bore children to them: these are the heroes of old, men of renown" (Gen 6, 4);

Pre-dynastic Egypt: notice size of people and the giraffes.

ancient alien evidence | Ancient alien theorists believe that the Nazca lines of Peru are clear ...

ancient statue of someone wearing a protective suite with what appears to be high tech. Equipment.

Construction of the Tunnel How was Hezekiah’s Tunnel constructed without modern day equipment? How could two teams 131 feet underground, without GPS, meet in the middle connecting the two tunnels? How were the workers and subsequent users of the tunnel able to breathe oxygen? Why was the tunnel S-shaped and not straight? How were the workers able to maintain a precise 0.6% grade slope underground for 1,750 feet? These questions, ultimately, remain a mystery.

Lizard statues from the Ubaid period 4000-5000 BC before the Sumerians.

In July, 1944, Waldemar Julsrud, made a resounding discovery to Acambaro, Mexico. He found figurines that represent, among others, dinosaurs, unknown animals, reptiles, unknown divinities, and its everyday objects (pipes, musical instruments, etc.) Dinosaurs, how these people were able to represent animals they are supposed to never have known? Once again, the traditional archéologie makes a mistake and prefers, in spite of the obvious facts, stay in the error… Figurines from 2500 BC

"It's one of the great mysteries of the ancient world. Mt. Baigong in the Qinghai Province of China is crowned by a strange pyramid-like structure, full of caves that contain perfectly symmetrical, time-eaten metal pipes. They're inserted deep into the rock, and seem to feed into a nearby lake."

Exploring the Sinister Catacombs of the City of Light

10 Grisliest Ax Murderers

The Bataan Death March in Pictures