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El Arte de Apperley

Óleos, acuarelas y dibujos de mi padre G.O.W. Apperley RA RI (1884-1960)

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Granada. Imágenes parciales.

Gitanas, Artemis y Tánger.

El Reposo, óleo

Acuarela de 1922.

Mi madre Enriqueta. Acuarelas (imágenes parciales).

La Música, el Vino y la Mujer, óleo 1916. More here

My mother Enriqueta at 17. Watercolour by my father dated 1920. More here

Princess Mdivani, 1945 oil.

Cartel Corpus 1959

Rosas de mi huerto.óleo

Selection includes images from Granada.


  • Iain

    I only discovered your father's paintings of Spanish women recently, but really like what I've seen - I also particularly admire the highly detailed early self-portrait done in England - he clearly led a very interesting and varied life!

  • Enrique Riki Apperley

    Thanks for your comments and support Iain. In addition to my Facebook pages and group, I am running two webs and Kind regards.

G.O.W. Apperley

New look for Christmas! and don't miss the Spanish version elartedeapperley....

G.O.W. Apperley a su llegada a Granada en 1916.

Ritmo Andaluz, acuarela. Más aquí

Apperley Art (UK) | George Owen Wynne Apperley RI RA 1884 - 1960

George Owen Wynne Apperley (1884 – 1960, English)

Loli, the gypsy, oil by G.O.W. Apperley