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El Arte de Apperley

Óleos, acuarelas y dibujos de mi padre G.O.W. Apperley RA RI (1884-1960)

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Granada. Imágenes parciales.

Acuarela de 1922.

Mi madre Enriqueta. Acuarelas (imágenes parciales).

La Música, el Vino y la Mujer, óleo 1916. More here

Cartel Corpus 1959

Rosas de mi huerto.óleo

Selection includes images from Granada.


  • Iain

    I only discovered your father's paintings of Spanish women recently, but really like what I've seen - I also particularly admire the highly detailed early self-portrait done in England - he clearly led a very interesting and varied life!

  • Enrique Riki Apperley

    Thanks for your comments and support Iain. In addition to my Facebook pages and group, I am running two webs and Kind regards.

G.O.W. Apperley

G.O.W. Apperley a su llegada a Granada en 1916.

Ritmo Andaluz, acuarela. Más aquí

Apperley Art (UK) | George Owen Wynne Apperley RI RA 1884 - 1960

George Owen Wynne Apperley (1884 – 1960, English)

Loli, the gypsy, oil by G.O.W. Apperley