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I have lived in Iran in the 70's until the revolution broke out. I have great memories of this wonderful country and it's friendly people.

Mt. Damavand I would count the days to see the top covered with snow, because it signaled that the ski resorts would open up soon.

Meet Dara and Sara - Iran's Islamic alternative to Ken and Barbie. I actually love them in their little traditional costumes. The little boy even has typical Persian eyebrows!


Architecture of IRAN during Islamic times

Iranian Lemons Still Life Oil Painting by Enzie Shahmiri When I lived in Iran as a teenager I always loved the items sold by the National run "Sanayeh Dasti", which loosely translates to "Hand Crafts". But we are not talking about felted or crochet things made at home by Iranian women. These hand made items are carefully crafted out of metal and often include intricate designs. Sometimes miniature designs are added like the birds and floral pattern on my little lemon juice container.

Yummy kabab koubideh.

This page is one side of a double-sided sheet from a copy of the Koran, a collection of revelations to the Prophet Mohammed that forms the basis of the Islamic religion. Information within the book indicates that the scribe worked on it for 22 years and completed it in 1207 A.D. The black letters are in Arabic and the smaller red letters are in Persian. The book was found in Tehran, Iran, in 1952.

Claudia Lynx also known as Shaghayegh was born in tehran iran.

A worker adjusts a loom at a carpet workshop in Qom, 120 km (75 miles) south of Tehran November 12, 2011. Persian carpet weaving is a historical part of Iranian culture, dating back to as far as approximately 2,000 years ago. Persian carpets can be mostly divided into three size groups: large (3x4 metres), medium (2x3 metres) and small (1x1.5 metres), which is called Ghaliche. For a larger 24-square-metre silk carpet, each 70 cm section takes about a month to make. The price for each carpet i...

“Shadi Ghadirian was born in 1974 in Tehran, Iran. She is a photographer who continues to live and work in Iran. Ghadirian studied photography at Azad University (in Tehran). After finishing her B. A., Ghadirian began her professional career as a photographer. Currently, Ghadirian works at the Museum of Photography in Tehran." via abi z.

Tajrish Market- Tehran.

Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi (2003) - The inspirational tale of eight women who defied the confines of life in revolutionary Iran through the joy and power of literature

Balloon landing in Mashgh square, Iran (Persia), at the time of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, around 1850....

Artist unknown, Boy Holding a Falcon, Iran, Late 18th century, Qajar Dynasty, Hermitage Museum

✿ A 6000 year old Kiss. Hasanlu, Iran. ~ Tragically Beautiful ✿