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Vignette zine by Clay Hickson / Tan & Loose Press

New Entities zine By Liana Jegers

Beste konseptet på lenge: You Drive me Crazy Britney Spears Zine by Melvin Tan, via Behance

Papercut Zine Library; Cambridge, MA

Interior pages from Retreat, 4 colour Risograph zine by Terrence Reeves. 2012

Cat zine This is Not My Cat by sardonicsmile on Etsy, $2.50

The Riot Grrl Collection - exploring Riot Grrls evolution through zines and other printed matter

Wigs zine by Maria Forde

Webcomic Zine DIY comic tutorial how to

Conquistador zine by Bunny Bissoux

Zines spines at the Barnard Zine Library, NYC

Brooklyn Zine Fest Flyer