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Crafts for Kids!

Hands-on art projects for kids.

Tube Town: Transform cardboard tubes into cute cottages in just a few simple steps.

Sock Couture: A few snips are all it takes to turn orphaned socks into sweet outfits for beloved (but chilly) stuffed animals.

Glue Glass: This simple technique produces a vibrant work of art that resembles stained glass. First, use a pencil to lightly draw a picture on a piece of colored paper; a drawing with lots of closed shapes works best. Go over the lines with white glue. Let the glue dry, then color in the drawing with chalk pastels. To keep pastel drawings from smudging, cover them with a light coat of hair spray. When it dries, the spray helps seal the artwork much like a spray fixative does.

Pinstruments: Kids can conduct experiments in music-making using just tape and hairpins. Attach one end of an opened bobby pin to an object with washi tape (which peels off without leaving a residue). Have them strum the pin with their thumb. Does it make a sound? Is it loud or quiet? Try different objects and bobby pin sizes to see which produces the best (or just the loudest!) tones.

Write Away: Create a fancy quill pen with just two materials: a pen (with a cap, not a push button) and Duck Fabric Crafting Tapes.

Vase Craze: Transform items destined for the recycling bin into a vase or pencil cup by adding washi tape to clean glass jars or bottles. Create a plaid pattern by crisscrossing different colors of tape.

Float Your Boat: Turn a sheet of cork into a shipshape rowboat, then let your child's tiny critters row merrily down the stream.

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    Was unable to print template. Is there a secret to it? I need help going to use for a boys sleepover next week.

  • FamilyFun magazine

    What issue are you having, Dianne? I just checked the template on our website and the download is working.

  • Andrea Rutledge

    Hello Pickles

Stamp It Out: Make your own custom stamps with adhesive-backed craft foam shapes and small wooden blocks (either plain ones from a craft store or repurposed toy blocks). Just pick a shape, stack two of them so that they align (doubled-up shapes produce a cleaner stamp mark), and adhere the stack to a block.

On the Road: Car-loving kids can build and rebuild a series of streets with this piece-together roadway system. First, make a template by cutting a 5-inch square from cereal-box cardboard. Use this to draw 5-inch-wide road segments on felt. Create as many as you like. Cut out the roads, and add dotted lines with tape (we used 3/4-inch-wide duct tape).

Calling all families! For our new monthly creative challenge, Top This!, we’ll feature a craft made with a common material (such as the clothespins here). Your family’s assignment: make a unique project using that same material. Send a photo of your clothespin project to us via the Top This! tab at If we choose your craft to feature in an upcoming issue, we’ll pay you $200!