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Crafts for Kids!

Hands-on art projects for kids.

Old Dog, New Trick: Instead of the traditional apple-head doll, create a French bulldog, decked out in a jaunty beret.

Accessor-eyes!: This shoe-decorating idea is truly visionary. To get the look, use strong glue (we like Crafter's Pick The Ultimate!) to attach googly eyes to sneakers with rubber cap toes, such as Converse.

Slap It On: Give a slap bracelet a new look in a flash by covering it with colorful duct and electrical tape.

Pencil Power: Personalize a writing utensil with a few pieces of washi tape. We found that the paper tape doesn't interfere with sharpening, so feel free to write on!

Get the Picture: Transform a plain-Jane frame into fine art by overlapping strips of decorative washi tape.

Write Away: Create a fancy quill pen with just two materials: a pen (with a cap, not a push button) and Duck Fabric Crafting Tapes.

Vase Craze: Transform items destined for the recycling bin into a vase or pencil cup by adding washi tape to clean glass jars or bottles. Create a plaid pattern by crisscrossing different colors of tape.

Float Your Boat: Turn a sheet of cork into a shipshape rowboat, then let your child's tiny critters row merrily down the stream.

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    Was unable to print template. Is there a secret to it? I need help going to use for a boys sleepover next week.

  • FamilyFun magazine

    What issue are you having, Dianne? I just checked the template on our website and the download is working.

  • Andrea Rutledge

    Hello Pickles

Stamp It Out: Make your own custom stamps with adhesive-backed craft foam shapes and small wooden blocks (either plain ones from a craft store or repurposed toy blocks). Just pick a shape, stack two of them so that they align (doubled-up shapes produce a cleaner stamp mark), and adhere the stack to a block.

On the Road: Car-loving kids can build and rebuild a series of streets with this piece-together roadway system. First, make a template by cutting a 5-inch square from cereal-box cardboard. Use this to draw 5-inch-wide road segments on felt. Create as many as you like. Cut out the roads, and add dotted lines with tape (we used 3/4-inch-wide duct tape).

Calling all families! For our new monthly creative challenge, Top This!, we’ll feature a craft made with a common material (such as the clothespins here). Your family’s assignment: make a unique project using that same material. Send a photo of your clothespin project to us via the Top This! tab at If we choose your craft to feature in an upcoming issue, we’ll pay you $200!

Cute Clay Animal Crafts: Make a menagerie of critters by sculpting just a few simple shapes.

Stuck On T-Shirts: Our easy painting technique lets kids spiff up a shirt with geometric shapes, stripes, and zigzags.

Spoon Bugs: This activity lets your kids experience beetle-mania -- and use up more of that plaster of Paris!

Stick Figures: The designs of these wild creatures were partly inspired by animalitos, brightly-painted sculptures made in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Repurpose a milk or juice carton into a reusable snack container. For an eco-friendly trifecta, fill it with treats from your supermarket's bulk bin!

Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Workin' at the Car Wash! Get toy cars pretend-clean as they drive through this carton corridor. The simple design invites creative customization.

Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Time Out! This cheerful whale can help reduce the length of your family's showers by giving a friendly "ding!" when it's time to finish up. Bonus: Using the timer just might make the morning routine go more smoothly.

Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Turn two grocery bags into a friendly monster that wants nothing more than to be fed with paper scraps. Once it's full, pack up the whole shebang and send it to the recycling center.

Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Flower Shower: Duct tape blossoms brighten an umbrella on a rainy day.

Flower Power Crafts

A cute felt critter reminds kids to hit the lights every time they're leaving the room. Download our owl template at

Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Silly Snake: Turn a cardboard tube from the recycling bin into a colorful, flexible reptile.

Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Monster Mags: Our recycled-cap faces are quite attractive -- literally, as they're magnetic. To create them, attach craft foam, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners with tacky glue to plastic caps. Add details with markers. Before attaching a magnet to the back of each cap, glue a scrap of cardboard or two inside so that the magnet will be flush with the cap's edge.

Earth Day Crafts for Kids

See how to make a simple piece of string art with your child's initial!

Adorable String Art Crafts