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Flying Test Beds

The XF-88B Propeller Flight Research Program

The @RollsRoyce test bed for the flight test of carbon-titanium fan blades on Trent 1000 engine

CFM Marks 40th Anniversary With Leap-1 Flight Test | Commercial Aviation content from Aviation Week

T-38 flight test bed operated by BAE Systems


F-15B #837 (Retired 2009)

FICON project - F-84 mounted ON THE WINGTIP of a B-29 #flighttest

VSTOL aircraft flying test beds - 1994 documentary - culminating in development of Hawker Siddeley Harrier

The only surviving N-9, from the Planes of Fame museum. It served as a test bed for concepts used in the XB-35, YB-49, and eventually, the B-2 bomber.

NASA Dryden Flight Loads engineer William Lokos monitors a wing loading test of NASA G-III 804 during recent testing in support of the Adaptive Compliant Trailing Edge, or ACTE, project.

ITPS Variable Stability Simulator

PT6 on Boeing 720 flying test bed

PT6 flying test bed

GE's new 747 flying testbed colors

VIDEO: North American Sabreliner 50 flying test bed via @RockwellCollins

Sabre 50 flying test bed from @RockwellCollins

Space Shuttle Cockpit - NASA photo

NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, or SOFIA, has received major upgrades to its telescope control and avionics systems that will significantly improve their efficiency and operability. The upgrades enhance the pointing and tracking capabilities of the observatory's telesco...

Agusta Westland A109 from ETPS

Honeywell's Boeing 757 flying test bed via @aviationweek

Honeywell's Boeing 757 flying test bed via @aviationweek with @BoeingAirplanes

2012 Video Highlights – Honeywell CV580 Takeoff via @aviationweek

Takeoff in Honeywell CV580 on 31 July 2012 via @aviationweek