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Denglisch - Anglizismen - Englisch - Deutsch

Denglisch = wenn gutes Deutsch nicht machbar ist. In diesem Board sammeln wir gemeinsam verrückte deutsche Wörter; Crazy German Words --> Denglisch = Anglizismen // If you stumble upon some German words in English Language - Pin 'em as well. - Words can be so FUNNY !

Soccer ???

  • Irena Chen

    Nein, ich gehe nicht diese Summer. Ich bin krank und ich Absagen meine Reise. Ich gehe nächste Summer wieder. Ich wünsche beste für dich. Tut mir Leid für dich Unfall. Don't want to say it wrong. I am sorry for your accident , but you sound like a person, who will achieve many other things in your life. Ich muss jetzt gehen. Wir werden sprechen bald. Gute Abend . Ich lebe in Chicago, es ist Nachmittag hier.

  • Ursula Sauerbaum

    And here it is dark and night are coming - I will go to bed - I like to read in my bed, my bed is my castle!!! and I will sleep long after midnight. See you you Irene, till tomorrow, I´m looking forward! ursula.

  • Ursula Sauerbaum

    Oh, I´ve forgetten to ask what´s wrong with you!???

  • Ursula Sauerbaum

    Hello, Irena , I miss the lessons in German and in english , Is something wrong with you? How is the weather in chikago ? My granddaughter has been in Massachusset for the time of one year , she loved so much and didnt´like to return tu germany. It was too sad to watch it. today is the 27th of August 2013. Have a beautiful day, Irena , ursula.

  • Irena Chen

    Hi Ursula, I am going to have some surgery done in October. Before that I am having some tests done, so I am preoccupied with that. I will get back to our English-German lessons. The weather in Chicago is very hot presently and humid. I don't like it at all. Ursula, you look to young to have granddaughter ! East coast of USA is very nice and young people love being there. The kids of some of my friends who go to college at East coast, they never want to come back to Chicago. I love Chicago, it is very nice and clean city. It is the 3rd largest city in USA, but it is very friendly and cultural and we have a great architecture. Foreigners just discovered Chicago during the past years and everyone love to come back. We have a lot of German people visiting here. I will continue in German next time. Have a good day.

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German german german long words?! hold your horses!

Casey Weldon...true meaning of "cat got your tongue"!

Wie kommt ein Wort in den Duden?

Passend zum heutigen Abend: The Zero must stand

Passend zum heutigen Feiertag ...

Bastian Sick: "Englisch für Anfänger - Let's cellebrät!"

Die Wanne ist voll - Denglisch at its best

Wise Guys - Oh Lord give me mei längwesch bäck

... but sometimes also on my nervs

Ich finde sein englisch besser, als sein deutsch. Lothar Matthäus treis tu spiek ähnglisch