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Macaroni & Cheese w/Hot Dog Bites made with Cheese Sauce Instant Mix (088T)

Chicken Alfredo Flatbread made with Instant Alfredo Sauce (575T)

Week 2 Menu Lunch Calendar by Foothill Farms

Sweet Thai Chili Meatball Pita with Broccoli Pineapple Slaw made with Sweet Thai Chili Sauce Mix (V442)

Mexican Pinwheel made with Asado Style Fajita Seasoning Mix (V463), Cilantro Lime Rice Seasoning Mix (S162), and Charro Style Bean Seasoning Mix (V461).

Turkey Chili Fiesta Rice made with Chili Seasoning Mix (V417) and Fiesta Rice Seasoning Mix (S152).

Taco Pizza using Salsa Seasoning Mix V425, Premium Taco Seasoning Mix (V411) & Ranch Dressing Mix (V402)

Kung Pao Beef with Asian Noodles (*rice may be substituted as shown in the image) using Kung Pao Sauce Mix (V443) and Asian Noodle Seasoning (S141)

Week 1 "Lunch Tray Tuesday" complete with meal pattern and nutrient analysis

Chicken and Mashed Potato Bowl made with Instant Chicken Flavor Gravy Mix (G406)

Mandarin Orange Chicken with Asian Noodles made with Mandarin Orange Sauce Mix (V428) and Asian Noodle Seasoning (S141)

Chipotle Tacos made with Chipotle Flavor Taco Seasoning Mix (V412)

BBQ Teriyaki Meatballs with Asian Stir Fried Rice made with BBQ Teriyaki Sauce Mix (V429) and Asian Stir Fried Rice Seasoning Mix (S140)

Bare Burrito Bowl using Charro Style Seasoning Mix (V461) and Cilantro Lime Rice Seasoning Mix (S162)