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Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

Make Halloween extra special this year with last-minute Halloween costume ideas, Halloween crafts for kids to make, beginning sewing patterns, homemade Halloween costume ideas, creative costume ideas, homemade costume ideas, quick costume ideas, and more!

Super hero cape from a men's t-shirt. Ridiculously cute and easy!

Make the adorable Monster Homemade Halloween Costume this fall. You're sure to win all of the costume contests!

The Girly Skeleton Homemade Halloween Costume is absolutely adorable, unique, and fun!

Dress up your little girl like cookie monster with adorable homemade Halloween costumes for kids!

Get your cute on this October with homemade Halloween costumes like the fun homemade Minions Costume!

Where the Wild Things Are paper costumes are inexpensive homemade Halloween costumes for kids, but they're also really awesome. Kids who have read the story or seen the movie will adore these creative costume ideas.

If you're still missing a costume the day of Halloween, go with the Upside-Down Man Costume. Not only is it perfect for any age, but it's also hilarious and incredibly easy. Last-minute costume ideas don't usually win first prize, but this one will.

The Ultimate Bat Masks are the coolest Halloween crafts for kids. They look expensive, but these homemade costume ideas are made from recycled goods.

For one of the easiest homemade Halloween costumes of all time, make The Hat of the Cat, wear all black, cut out a white circle to put on your stomach, and draw whiskers on your face. Last minute costume ideas don't get any easier or inexpensive than this.

This Robot Costume is a brilliant way to get kids making their own homemade Halloween costumes. This awesome tutorial provides printable templates, so it's easy for kids to just decorate and go. This is one of the best creative costume ideas for kids.

No sewing is required to transform you into Rapunzel. Rapunzel Fleece Costume Hair is a great, simple Halloween costume idea. Homemade costume ideas can save you tons of dough!

Get the kids involved in making homemade Halloween costumes. The Rad Robot Costume can be made from items you find around the house, which makes it totally affordable. Elementary-aged boys will love this Halloween costume idea.

Be prettier than Ariel when you make your own Mystical Mermaid Tail Tutu. This inexpensive and quick costume idea will save you time and money.

Be the luckiest kid in the room with the Lucky Ladybug Costume. Homemade Halloween costumes can save you a ton of money and win you first prize in the costume contest.

If you're looking for a quick costume idea, go with the adorable Lego Costume. This fun cardboard craft is inexpensive and easy to make. Throw it together the night before and still win best costume.

Knightly Shields and Helmets allow kids to participate in the making of their homemade Halloween costumes. These cool Halloween crafts for kids can be made within days of the holiday.

Blend in to the trees and be scarier than a ghost when you wear the Leafy Autumn Cloak. This homemade costume idea is original, easy, and spooky.

Make Halloween easy with Foam Animal Masks. Homemade Halloween costume ideas will save you money and allow you to personalize your costume.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Fine Feathered Falcon Wings. This gorgeous costume idea is homemade, believe it or not. Homemade Halloween costumes for kids have never looked this fly.

Transform into a fairy in minutes with the Fabulous Fairy Tutu. This last-minute costume idea for kids is absolutely precious.

Make these Easy Superhero Capes without sewing! Homemade costume ideas don't get any easier than these adorable flying devices. They're great last-minute homemade Halloween costume ideas.

Turn into a Jurassic creature with the Dotty Dinosaur Tail. Creative homemade costume ideas can be hard to come by, but no one else will be sporting this spotty tail.

Comic Book Hero Capes are the perfect finishing touch to a homemade Halloween costume. These capes look anything but homemade.

Captain America's Vibranium Shield is a must-have accessory this October. Homemade Halloween costumes don't have to look homemade.

Aff-arrr-dable Pirate Garb is an extremely easy and inexpensive homemade Halloween costume idea that kids can make on their own. Craft this last minute without a problem.