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Adoption and Foster Care Themed Movies

Attempting Agape: Adoption + Foster Care Movies

The Amazing Spiderman (2012) Peter and Gwen 2

Stan Lee On Set Of 'The Amazing Spiderman 2' 06/02/2013

Actress Emma Stone attends 'The Amazing SpiderMan 2' premiere at the... News Photo 486533651

The Amazing Spiderman 2-- AWESOME MOVIE

Omg this is Gwen's speech. Ugh I almost cried at the end when he played it at the end

This IS how...

Our prayers go out to the Walker family. RIP Paul Walker - 30 Nov 2013. "I'm a Christian now. The things that drove me crazy growing up was how everyone works at fault-finding with different religions. The people I don't understand are atheists. I go surfing and snow boarding and I'm always around nature. I look at everything and think, 'Who couldn't believe there's a God? Is all this a mistake?' It just blows me away,"..Paul Walker

Charlie Hunnam as Raleigh Becket: A washed-up former pilot called out of retirement by the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. Idris Elba as Stacker Pentecost: Becket's commanding officer. Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori: Becket's co-pilot who lost her family in a Kaiju attack.

Charlie Hunnam as Raleigh Becket. Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori

The Movie 11 July 2013 - Pacific Rim: Inside Gypsy Danger

Kaiju - Pacific Rim. Kaiju (怪獣 kaijū?) is a Japanese word that literally translates to "strange beast". However, the word Kaiju has been universally translated and defined into English as "monster" or "giant monster".

Gipsy Danger! - Pacific Rim

Jaegers - Pacific Rim USA = Gipsy Danger Australia = Striker Eureka Russia = Cherno Alpha Japan = Coyote Tango China = Crimson Typhoon