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Bolivia - View of the badlands above La Paz by Danita Delimont

South America, Bolivia. View of the badlands above La Paz at 13

Stunning... Contrast :)

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Ink Splatter 04 by Loadus on deviantART

Helena Bonham Carter/Fight Club

"Divided by the Light" by Gabriel (BIEL)

Divided by the light


Wet And Sexy Mummy #1, photography by Alan Cat

Yester Castle located in East Lothian, Scotland - with subterranean vaulted Goblin Ha' or "Goblin Hall" - Although mostly ruined, deep within the castle's interior lies the infamous Goblin Hall with one of the oldest surviving Gothic stone arched ceilings in existence, built in 1267 with the aid of Goblins (hence the name) as the result of a satanic pact by the owner, Hugo de Gifford (known as the wizard of Yester) with the Devil.

Little Buddha statue at Okunoin, Koyasan, Wakayama, Japan