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Ride like a Wildflower...Beautiful, Strong, and Free in 2014! #cycling

Wildflower PedalfestWildflower Pedalfest

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Women Elite Cycling. Bicycles Love Girls. bicycleslovegirls...

Twitter / huw_williams1: New junior national champ ...

Melon sangria – Summer cocktails – Laylita’s Recipes

This is a low calorie meal of Fettuccine Alfredo from the Food Network website. Total time is 25 minutes, usually serves 4 people, and is easy to make! Yum :)

Low Calorie Recipes : Food Network

The Kapha person has a strong predominance of the elements Earth and Water. The predominant qualities of Kapha are heavy, static or immobile, slow, dull, cold, oily, liquid, slimy/smooth, dense, soft, sticky, hard and gross. However, when you think of Kapha, think COLD, WET and STABLE, like Earth in Water. When thinking Kapha, think Mother Earth.

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