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Abandoned Grandeur...Chateau de Miranda, Belgium (Also known as Chateau de Noisy)

During the French Revolution, the Count of Liedekerke-Beaufort left his feudal castle of Vèves, fleeing to his nearby farm. The Count expanded the farm until 1866, when the English architect Milner designed the castle we known as Chateau de Miranda. Originally used as summer home, after WWII it sold to the Belgian Railway, serving as a resort for children of employees & later, as a private girls' school. Eventually abandoned in 1991, only a glimpse of its former splendor remains...

Portico, main (front) entrance, directly underneath the clock tower. Through the wooden doors is the grand entry hall.

Early postcard of Chateau de Miranda. (later called Chateau de Noisy)

The clock incredible shot against a bright blue sky.

Rear view of the castle on a postcard Rear of Chateau de Miranda, then (1902) prior to construction of the main (clock) tower, & now. Also note the addition of the fire escapes, likely added when the Belgium Railway used the chateau as a type of country resort for children of their employees.

Overlooking the back lawn of the chateau, the feudal castle of --------, belonging to the same family, can be seen in the distance. Many of the ornate furnishings of Chateau Miranda have been relocated to the family's other European properties.