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Stylish Multi-Zipper Double-layer Stand Collar Jacket Coat for Men - Men Clothing

oh my word, my dream wall that I never knew existed but in my dreams.

12.3.13 The lines on the door really draw the eye to four different center points of the door. This image expresses how lines can greatly effect how an image or object can viewed.

I don't like the color scheme. However, I love the way the front door "pops". Mine will need a touch of color.

Tuscany... Very colorful and beautiful

painting one side of a door to create a vibrant entrance.

Do Something Unexpected: Bright Doors

Bright colored door - my favorite house in Squirrel Hill when I was a kid was a brightly painted purple and green house. As a child I thought it was awesome because it reminded me of Barney the Dinosaur, now I think it's awesome cause that homeowner had balls.

Love the idea of an all white house with a bright colored door!

I'm going to need a bright colored door.