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Abusive Relationships | ... you are being abused or if you are creating an abusive relationship

Overcoming Battered Lives: October 2009 Archives
  • Paula D

    Ok I do tell my man how to dress ONLY because if I left it up to him, he'd wear spandex floral shorts, an over sized beer t-shirt (that has seen better days) a cowboy hat, socks With sandals.... I rest my case.

Moving on, leaving an abusive relationship, walking away from a narcissist. #quotes more on - sometimes you have to do what’s best for you and your life..

Yup..from someone..who everyone just thinks is sooo perfect..Cant get over how much you hurt me.

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Perfection or time travelers. Yes.

This has got to be my all time favorite Key and Peele sketch ever.

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A valedictorian at his school ended his speech with "I have two things to say. Number 1: Go make something of yourself. Two: It's selfie sunday so smile for instagram!" And took a picture! XD

  • Haili

    I need to do something like this! That's AWESOME!!!

Just Friends being Friends

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