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Healthy Body

Not looking to be skinny me but a healthy me.

Yoga-based poses using an exercise ball to provide support in helping you improve balance and flexibility.

Yoga on the Ball - Yoga Exercises on an Exercise Ball

Seated - Beginner Ball Workout for Balance, Stability and Strength

Ball Circles - Ball Circles for the Hips, Abs and Thighs

Jack and Tuck: This exhilarating fitness-ball-based move tones ab muscles by making them work hard to keep you balanced on the ball. And it not only sculpts your core but also targets the fat covering the muscles in that area. |

Jack and tuck - Bounce Off Belly Fat! -

These are some good signs your body and mind is in need for a detox…

10 Signs Your Body Is Screaming at You for a Detox

Step away from the vending machine! This smoothie will cure your 4 p.m. snack attack.

9 Smoothies To Turn Your Mood Around

Feeling fatigued? This strawberry and spinach smoothie will boost your energy.

9 Smoothies To Turn Your Mood Around

One Exercise to End "Lower Belly Pooch" ......... Every girl should read this!! This stretch will bring your hips back to where they should be, ease forward pressure on your lower back, and dial back the lower belly bulge.