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9 Rejected Harry Potter Valentine's That Are Magically Hilarious

9 Rejected Harry Potter Valentines That Are Magically Hilarious

Parenting Done Right Way...

Pink, coral, and orange together

Jallab (Arabic, جلاب ) is a type of syrup popular in the Middle East made from carob, dates, grape molasses and rose water. In Syria, Palestine and Lebanon Jallab is very popular. It is made mainly of grape molasses and artificial coloring, then smoked with Arabic incense. It is usually sold with crushed ice and floating pine nuts and raisins.

Ruins of a temple, Temple of Bacchus, Baalbek, Lebanon

احلى فنجان قهوة

Christian woman of Zahlè (Zaḥlah); (2): Druze woman of Liban (Lebanon) and (3) Christian woman of Zgarta (Zgharta). Les Costumes Populaires De La Turquie, en 1873.A collection of photographs by the famous photographer Pascal Sebah on the occasion of the universal exposition in Viena in 1873. The album represents the costumes of the different regions, and ethnic and religious groups of the Ottoman Empire

1873 photogravure. (1) Christian mountain dweller of Zaḥlah (2) Christian mountain dweller of Zgharta (3) Druze of Lebanon. from the province of Syria, Ottoman Empire

A rock city in the mountains of Tyre, South Lebanon

Byblos market سوق جبيل Photo by Mysi

malban (levantine candies) for sale in Lebanon

Anatomical heart ring. Because valentine hearts are for chumps.

Alright, I'm convinced... I'm getting a parasol for my wedding photos!