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T-Shirt Quilt - Save all those Sports and School Shirts!

T-Shirt Quilt with a Camp Theme

An Ultimate Book List.

The Ultimate Book List For Boys!

I am working on this. So often the yelling is not an angry telling off but just to be heard above the noise or from a distance as my kids are the other end of the park. I guess I will just have to learn how to run faster to get to them. ;)

10 Things I Learned When I Stopped Yelling At My Kids

We know things are going to happen, so how we react when those times come will determine either the positive or negative development of our children moving forward. These 3 Angry Dad Scenarios That Hurt Your Children offer examples and solutions. #allprodad #parenting

3 Angry Dad Scenarios That Hurt Your Children

5 Things To Do When You Feel Your Temper Rising - good ideas to help deal with any time you feel yourself getting angry; children, spouse, anyone.

5 Things To Do When You Feel Your Temper Rising

An app that give us tips on ways to calm down when we're angry, or lift us up when we feel like bad moms. It's pretty brilliant if you as me.

The Stop Yelling App - Dirt and Boogers

One mom's realization that being distracted was the cause of her anger towards her children.

Distracted Mom = Angry Mom? - Dirt and Boogers

How to Stop Being an Angry Parent (Must Read for the Summer). Pray for God's help and submit to His will for you and your children.

How to Stop Being an Angry Parent - A Proverbs Wife

asked and answered!

Child Nagging & Negotiating - Positive Parenting Solutions

“The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it. The reward for humility and fear of the Lord is riches and honor and life. Thorns and snares are in the way of the crooked; whoever guards his soul will keep far from them.” Proverbs 22:3-5

For my babies!

Asking for Forgiveness from your Kids: The Art of Demonstrating Humility

"When you take the time to actually listen, with humility, to what people have to say, it's amazing what you can learn. Especially if the people who are doing the talking also happen to be children."

Dads with daughters have a chief obligation to instill confidence balanced with humility starting at an early age. Here are more tips on raising daughters to be confident. #allprodad #fatherhood #parenting

Raising Daughters to Be Confident

Everything you ever needed to teach kids humility! Great site for parenting ideas! #KidsOfIntegrity

Humility | Kids of Integrity

Love this! Says it all about parenting. We are going to make mistakes as parents but showing humility to your children is what is most important when we do make them

I Don't Believe In Perfect

Free Chalkboard Printable for the First Day of School

First Day of School Free Chalkboard Printables

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Family Dinner Questions! Choose one a night and have everyone answer it! You'll learn more than you'd even imagine...have some good laughs too! Free printables with all the questions here!