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Severus Alexander was the 26th Roman Emperor. He was the last emperor of the Severan dynasty. As emperor, Alexander's peace time reign was prosperous. In military conflict against the rising Sassanid Empire there are mixed accounts, though the Sassanid threat was checked. However, when campaigning against Germanic tribes of Germania, Alexander attempted to bring peace by engaging in diplomacy and bribery. This apparently alienated many in the legions and led to a conspiracy to assassinate him.

Didius Julianus - Roman Emperor for three months in 193 AD

Roman Emperor Vitellius (69 AC)

Fragmentary bronze portrait of the emperor Caracalla, ca. 212–217 A.D.; Mid-Imperial, Severan Roman Bronze

Trajan, 53-117 AD Roman Emperor

Barletta Colossus - large bronze statue (16.7 feet) of an Eastern Roman Emperor. Not much is known about either the origins or the subject of the statue. From the Gothic diadem, he might be Theodosius II, father-in-law of Western Roman Emperor Valentinianus III (5th century CE). The statue may have been originally located in Ravenna, then transported in Barletta by Emperor Frederick II in the early 13th century CE.

Gallienus was the 41st Roman Emperor with his father Valerian from 253 to 260, and alone from 260 to 268. His reign saw the invasion of Germanic tribes and the constant revolt of various governors and generals (some of whom declared themselves emperor). He was assassinated while laying siege to Milan. Interestingly, he was the last emperor to call himself "Printeps," or First Citizen.

Preparing A Love Potion, Roman Mosaic

Bacchus, Ariadne, and satyr Silenus. Roman floor mosaic in the Bardo Museum in Tunis. Second century A.D.

Roman Emperor Lucius Septimius Severus, 146-211

"The breaking of so great a thing should make a greater crack: the round world should have shook lions into civil streets and citizens to their dens." -Octavius Caesar (Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus) on Mark Antony's death -From Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra (5.1)

Hadrian, 76-138 AD Roman Emperor, Bronze Head, from Egyp

Maximinus Thrax was Roman Emperor from 235 to 238. He was the 27th emperor and the first of the so-called "barracks emperors," and never set foot in Rome. The Roman Senate, which did not support Maximinus, ultimately declared Gordian and Gordian II as co-emperors; he marched on Rome, but was assassinated in northern Italy.