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Cool Litter Boxes

Litter Box with Reserve Tank. Fill base with litter, fill the litter reserve tank (holds 20 lbs), remove dirty litter from base and the tank replenishes it with fresh litter. #smart #cat #litterbox #goodidea

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  • ShoeDaydreams

    Except that kind of litter is horrible for kitties! The pine kind is so much better!

  • Beyond Dreams

    I have this litter box and love it. Looking for a 2nd one.

What's better than a litter box? A GLITTER box!!

modernist take on a litterbox hider... definitely to diy, not buy! $449

Cat Quarters All in One Cat Center - combine food and water bowls, litter box enclosure and lounge top all in one piece of furniture.

Want to try a DIY litter box? This one is a home made covered box with high sides - made from a storage tote!

DIY Top Entry Litter Box
  • Brittany O'Connor

    I did the same thing! Except my cat is tooooo fat to maneuver through the hole. So now there is no top. Still works great when it comes to tracking out litter messes (:

Does your cat often miss the litter box? Try this genius box with high sides - the NVR Miss!

  • Cindy Eriksen

    I use regular storage bins with out the lids for litter boxes and my cats just jump inside to use

  • Carrie Fagerstrom

    My cats are all senior so the low entry works great and even my stand to pee guy doesn't get over the high sides.

  • Judy Ashwell

    My cat has very bad arthritis and can't step over most litterbox. Is this really low enough for her to step in but high enough to keep the litter in?

  • Carrie Fagerstrom

    My last old man could until the last couple of months. Then I just put a puppy pad (in a holder) right in front of it in case he didn't make it in. That works great to catch the stay litter, too.

  • Judy Ashwell

    Thank you!

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Make your own litter box. Do you have a big cat? Try this DIY litter box!

  • Shea Cooper

    This might be a good idea...maybe with a custom wooden top with a pretty fabric skirt stapled or velcroed to it to camouflage the ugly tote!

  • $ª®ä

    I dont even bother with the door or the lid, my cat hops over the side and into the litter box and can play and kick and pee like there's no tomorrow and there's no mess

Does your cat often miss the litter box? Try this genius box with high sides - the NVR Miss!