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Homeschool Encouragement

Need some encouragement? Or just want to feel you are not totally alone in homeschooling? This is the board to check out.

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Homeschool encouragement. This is a great homeschooling quote.

  • Kellie Golden of BEARD+brush

    Homeschooling is not best for every kid. I thrived at school, I hated homeschooling and begged my mom to let me go to school. I'm a bright, healthy, happy, well-adjusted woman now with a daughter of my own, and know that my choice to homeschool will be dependent on Stella's personality and needs, not my preferences or opinions.

  • Julie @Homeschooling-Ideas

    @Kellie I agree it isn't for everyone. We definitely should think about what is best for our children and their unique personalities. But so many parents don't even consider homeschooling, even if their children are unhappy at school.

John Holt - Children make their own paths into the unknown.

What children need is not new and better curricula, but access to more and more of the real world - John Holt.

Self education will make you a fortune!

I shouldn't have to explain why I homeschool.

Interesting article on learning. Test-Taking Cements Knowledge Better Than Studying, Researchers Say -

  • Heather Woods

    Very interesting! I'd love to see some studies done on oral testing. It seems that, while it may not be a good option in a class of twenty or more, I get great results when I have each of my kids recap orally what we did at the end of the day.

  • Julie @Homeschooling-Ideas

    Indeed Heather. Interesting that Charlotte Mason recommended narration - I wonder if she had noticed the same results as you.