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Celebrity Feet

Famous people are just like you! They suffer from foot problems like bunions, hammertoes, and heel spurs. Check out these celebrities and you may just feel better about your own foot health!

Looks like Harrison Ford is recovering from his ankle injury nicely!

Kate Middleton jumps over cans in high-heeled wedges. Does not break ankle. All are shocked.

Kim K let's baby North go barefoot, which is best for pre-walking babies #kimandkanye

Cher's old toe injury is acting up again - she needed a shot in her toe joint to stop the pain

Emma Roberts risks a barefoot dash to the car after a pedicure in Beverly Hills

Ouch! if supermodel Iman keeps wearing those crazy shoes, she'll be well on her way to developing hammertoes

Mark Consuelos seen out and about kissing wife Kelly Ripa despite wearing a walking boot

Great flats, Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie!

Brett Hart may need surgery for a broken foot he only recently discovered

Weight watchers spokesperson Valerie Bertinelli admits the pounds have creeped back on since a Jan. foot injury stopped her from working out

Kevin Connolly tripped and broke his left foot playing football on the set of Entourage

Remember back in 2010 when Justin Bieber had no tattoos and really had a broken foot (instead of a bad, drunken excuse?)