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IKEA PS 2014

IKEA PS 2014 collection is for a home in constant motion, always ready for new situations and furniture needs. You could say it is design that moves you -- to live more simply and do more in the space you have. IKEA PS 2014 brings flexibility and an unconventional way of living to everyone, by combining form, function, quality, sustainability and a low price.

The IKEA PS 2014 modules and lids, allow you can create your own unique combination for storage and display.

Switch between functional light for reading and decorative mood light just by tilting the lamp shade. Excess cord can be hidden in the base to keep things tidy. Personalize the lamp by using the cut-out patterns on the shade to attach your favorite photos, poems or notes.

The IKEA PS 2014 tray has a vertical handle in the center which makes the tray steady and easy to carry. You always have one hand free, which makes it easier for you to move around and serve. The colorful handle and non-slip mat make the tray functional and inviting to use.

The IKEA PS wall rails and accessories, make it easy for you to create endless, flexible solutions for any area in your home.

IKEA PS Side table with 3 functions - table, lamp and magazine compartment. Use the rubber straps to keep your cords and magazines in place or to create your own pattern.

IKEA PS 2014 Collection - a designer response to modern living.

Living Room Furniture - Sofas, Coffee Tables & Inspiration - IKEA
  • Donna Casey

    Love this, but the link is dead. Has this cute table sold out already or is it discontinued?


    Hi Donna, Looks like the table is delayed here in the US till mid-June, so check back later on the IKEA PS 2014 landing page:

  • Donna Casey

    Wonderful, I'll keep an eye out for it later this summer! Thank you so much! :)

IKEA PS 2014 Collection - a designer response to modern living.

IKEA PS 2014 Secretary - orange/birch veneer - IKEA
  • Anna Paulson

    What is the interior dimensions? Wondering whether monitor will fit ...

  • Leslie Nguyen

    When will this be available in the US? My closest store does not have it in stock.


    Hi Anna, just click on the pin and it will take you to web page for this product, where the overall dimensions are listed. The interior depth is 11 5/8" and interior height is 15". Hope that helps.


    Hi Leslie, new PS collection came to the US in April. You can use the stock checker for your local store on our website, directly on the product page, or speak with a sales specialist at your local store, about availability.

IKEA PS 2014 Collection - a designer response to modern living.

IKEA PS 2014 Table - IKEA

IKEA PS 2014 Collection - a designer response to modern living.

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IKEA PS 2014 balance beam. Helps the development of children's coordination and balance. Designer: Henrik Preutz

IKEA PS 2014 Balance bench - IKEA

    Hi Stahli, it's available now in stores or just click on the pin to order online.

  • Rachel Banzhaf

    Sorry, but that is way too expensive for a very limited purpose item.

  • Helen Peavitt

    Not purpoeless if you like balancing - as most people with kids would probably agree. Right at the top of my wish list and seems like a bargain to me!

  • Stahli Claassen

    It looks like it would be a great therapy tool.

  • Micha Wheeler

    Hope it gets back in stock at my Ikea soon!

See all 9 comments

IKEA PS 2014 storage modules. Create your own unique combination for storage and display by combining modules and lids any way you like. Designer:Tomás Alonso

IKEA PS 2014 Storage module - bamboo/white - IKEA
  • Melissa

    In the catalog and all of the initial materials released online it says these modules are made of bamboo. But on the website (as of August 2014), it says only the surface is made of bamboo. It appears that they are mostly made of fiberboard. Can you please clarify the composition of these storage modules? And will there be plans to manufacture these mostly from bamboo?


    Hi Melissa, the modules are fiberboard/paper and solid pine with a bamboo veneer. We have no information in regards to any manufacturing changes.

  • Jerry Dreiss

    I don't see any of these storage units as being in stock at the Stoughton MA store as of 9/4/2014. Will they ever come back, or is that it for this collection?

IKEA PS 2014 table with storage. Solid pine; a natural material that ages beautifully. Convenient drawer under the table top for storing silverware, napkins or place mats near the table. Designer: Mathias Hahn

IKEA PS 2014 Table - IKEA
  • Rachel Banzhaf

    A little too small for a board games table, but there is potential...

  • Alison Bittick

    Reminder to keep it simple and use attractive folding chairs in small apartment dining room nook