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Celebrate your big day, your way. Set the stage for your happily ever after with beautiful and affordable decorations from the IKEA store.

Show your wedding guests where you've been on your many adventures as a couple, or plan out new ones, with the PREMIÄR world map.

DIY Wedding - A homemade cake layered with cream and berries, set atop a mouth-blown glass AKTAD cake stand and decorated with fresh flowers is simply beautiful.

For a modern twist on the traditional flower arrangement, group a variety of clear glass vases with randomly placed flowers together and bind with twine.

IKEA Wedding Ideas - A candle lit path adds a magical feeling to an outdoor wedding celebration. Use assorted candles, votives, and lanterns for an extra personal touch.

IKEA Wedding Ideas - For an outdoor wedding, embrace the beauty of your surroundings by incorporating the natural landscape into your decor. One example, for a beach wedding, is to fill CYLINDAR glass vases with sand and sea-grass.

The scalloped edging and design on the FRODIG glass bowl looks like lace and was inspired by bridal gowns. Mix and match with patterned plates for a table setting that's "clearly" romantic.

Romantiken hägrar | Redaktionen | inspiration från IKEA

Wedding Day Decor - String up DIY fabric flags to make your wedding celebration feel like a day at the fair.

Check out IKEA Wedding Inspiration on the Design By IKEA blog!

IKEA Share Space

Wedding Decor Idea - Hang REGOLIT rice paper shades from the ceiling of your room or tent, but first, give them a fashionable punch of color by dip dying them in a bath of water based paint!

With a little bit of imagination (and paint!) clear CYLINDER glass vases can be transformed to match your wedding color palette.

DIY wedding decor - Wrap fabric and ribbons around clear glass vases from IKEA for a unique, inexpensive, and easy tabletop display.

Vases, bowls & flowers - Artificial flowers - IKEA

Personalize your wedding celebration with fabric. For a festive DIY tablecloth, try layering panels of different colors and patterns to create your own unique expression.

Fabric for Sewing, Curtains and more - IKEA

IKEA ENSIDIG vases, as personalized bottles for drinks, make fun favors or place holders.


What says "Happy Wedding Shower!" better than a canopy of brightly colored umbrellas?

KNALLA Umbrella - red/white - IKEA

Fill clear glass ENSIDIG vases from IKEA with sliced lemons and sprays of flowers for fresh and inexpensive table decorations.


Simple, clear glass BLADET vases let you focus on the blooming beauty within.

BLADET series - IKEA
  • Terri Pierce

    Beautiful! I love the way you've included the ivy, trailing gently around the vase!

Black and White - put your own special twist on this classic combination.

Kitchen utensils | Flatware | Dishes | Bowls | Coffee mugs | IKEA