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I'm so proud of him he works so hard

I can't get enough of him

They are the best tag team ever

He would be lost if he wasn't wrestling

Hmm I love staring at his arms

Awe I hate seeing him get hurt

This is so funny

When they were Italy

One of many interviews

Those boys are proud of those titles

Jimmy Jey John Cena and Renee Young

Jimmy and Jey with Mrs. Sandra

Hmm the thought that come to mind when I think of this man

Mmm he is so sexy I swear

I swear he makes me think bad thoughts when he doesn't wear a shirt

I love this cartoon

These two are so awesome

I love this app

He looks so cute when he is serious

His arms make think bad thoughts

I love it when they wear bright colors

He looks good in everything

Mmm I want to lay my head on his chest

Mr. Serious

Their face paint is always so pretty