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Kekin niyok (Coconut Candy - Chamorro ) Recipe

Guam Firehouse Cook: Tumeric Chicken (Kadon Pika Mannok Mango' gi Lechen Niyok) in Coconut Milk

Traditional Chamorro food: red rice, empanada on top, bbq, chicken kelaguin, finadene (soy sauce), and cucumber

Chicken Corn Soup from This is a recipe from "A Taste of Guam", a cookbook written be a local Guamanian, Paula Quinene. Just thought I would share.

marinated bbq ribs... a fiesta must!

Donne Dinanche w/coconut milk

If you love latiya, a cake with custard atop pound cake, you will love the coconut version.

A most delectable Guam carrot cake, moistened with pineapple and flavored with a hefty serving of is out of this world!

Rose s Yummy Chamorro Barbecue from This recipe is a traditional island favorite. It's usually served during village fiestas with red rice and various other sides; but my family enjoys it any time. Enjoy!!

red rice made with achote seed. staple for any festivity.

To-die-for velvet cake recipe in 'A Taste of Guam'

marinated bbq shortribs...

Latiya is a Chamorro dessert. you are going to need to slice (1) pound cake. lay ‘em flat on a plate – about 8-10 slices. make the large box of jello brand vanilla pudding but instead of 3 cups of milk, use 2 1/2. pour the pudding on the slices right after you mix it up make sure you cover each slice!, sprinkle some cinnamon and leave it in the fridge for a few hours.

APIGIGE' RECIPE - a tapioca and coconut dessert, grilled in banana leaves. Some people make it with mature coconut while others use the young coconut.

Fried rice on Guam is a meal in and of itself. Though delish with Spam, it is exceptional with chorizos Espanot, or Spanish sausage.

Latiya recipe made using pound cake, eggs and evaporated milk, in 'A Taste of Guam'

This is a wonderful Chamorro cake with raisins. It's a must to add the dried morsels; you'll be quite surprised.