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Badges for Students & Staff

Badges for Learning | Changing Horizons

7 Innovative Strategies To Create Learning Badges #edtech

BadgeStack = "BadgeStack is an innovative system with a game-like approach that assesses skills, recognizes learner achievement, sparks community, and excites learners of all ages."

BadgeStack Add-On to BadgeOS | BadgeOS

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Badging in the Classroom: Our Definitive Guide -- THE Journal

ClassBadges | Home

The Teachers Guide To Using Badges In Your Classroom

Digital badges denote education and skills gained

Smithsonian Quests - interdisciplinary learning experience with digital badging. Awesome!

A Future Full of Badges from The Chronicle of Higher Education

Find how to badge a class and inspire participants to display their proficiency levels.

More about the badges practices of certifying knowledge and proficiency of learning.

'Digital Badges' Would Represent Students' Skill Acquisition

Grades Out, Badges In | Chronicle of #HigherEd post | #education #assessment