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Green bikinis make saving the earth sexier at International Beauty Contest

Creating a bad mess knows no boundaries of age and this statement is completely apt for Tara Reid who has been in news for her nip slips and of course the plastic surgeries.

The name Pete Doherty is mainly associated with every kind of drug and many arrests as well plus he was into male prostitution when he was young.

Lindsay Lohan has made her mark in films plus she has also made her name in alcohol abusing, severe partying and the recent accident is a new entry to the list.

Britney Spears is a popular name in the music world and she is also known for her strange decisions like shaving her head and running after paparazzi with umbrellas to name a few.

Some celebrities get into trouble for reaching new heights whereas there are some who lose their name for a bad habit just like Amy Winehouse did. Amy was once known for her angelic voice but her severe addiction to alcohol took a toll on her and she expired last year due to alcohol poisoning.

Amanda Bynes has been in the news for all the bad reasons as every other day there is another accident to her account and there are also news that she requires psychiatric help.