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The Antique, The Decrepit, The Abandoned

This 16th Century Book Can Be Read Six Different Ways

This 16th Century Book Can Be Read Six Different Ways

Abandoned kindergarten in the ghost town of Chernobyl.

Chernobyl II by TheDustCollector on deviantART


Fatlips Castle ~ a 16th century peel tower in Roxburghshire, Scotland, so called because its owner, the Earl of Minto, liked to kiss his female guests. It was built by the Turnbulls of Barnhills, notorious Border reivers, and burned during the War of the Rough Wooing in 1545. Don't you just love the names? :)

The Aubin Trophy which was constructed by famous locksmith Charles Aubin for The Great Exhibition of 1851. Nicknamed ‘the wedding cake’ it is 3 feet high and composed of 44 different interwoven brass locks with corresponding keys which can be turned individually or simultaneously by the large key at its top.

3500 years of Cappadocian cave homes: These unique underground havens once were used by early Christians to hide from Roman armies, yet they remain occupied to this day - 100 square miles with 200+ underground villages and tunnel towns complete with hidden passages, secret rooms and ancient temples, with each new civilization building on the work of the last.

Hasard Cheratte coal mine, Cheratte, Liège, Belgium. Located in the heart of the town of Cheratte, dates back to the 1860s. The mine has been closed since 1977. It has been designated as a Belgian protected landmark.

Georgian micro-ivory ring: A high carat gold ring, circa 1780, the tapered hoop terminating in a compartment containing a multi-dimensional micro-ivory scene, set under crystal. More beautiful antique jewelry at Rowan and Rowan.

Italy c 17th-19th century. It is difficult to date and localize the large, ornamented rings that were created for use in synagogues during the wedding ritual. They were exchanged during Italian Jewish weddings. The groom would place it on the bride's finger, but after the ceremony the ring would have been kept as a prized memento by either the family or the temple community. The gable roof—perhaps symbolizing the Temple of Jerusalem—opens to reveal the words "Good Luck"

  • Connie Braton Meek

    Just as well - it would be too uncomfortable to wear full time! :)

  • CAT Braun

    They were often "community" rings -- as in used for ALL the weddings in the community, and not the property of a single person or couple. A simple band would be worn as the real, everyday token.

1570: A rare 16th century gold sundial and compass ring, possibly German, The hinged oval bezel designed as a seal and engraved with a coat of arms, opening to reveal a sundial and compass, on a plain gold hoop, dimensions of bezel 1.8x2.0cm

Sub Marine Explorer. Built - 1864-1865, Brooklyn, New York. Operated 1866-1869. Abandoned - 1869. Location - Isla San Telmo, Pearl Islands, Panama. This is a picture of the Sub Marine Explorer at low tide.