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Self-Off Grid/ Back to a time when life was simple

649 Pins

Self-Off Grid/ Back to a time when life was simple

  • 649 Pins

Simple Living In Hard Times - 4 Practical Tips

storing grains

The Survival Guide To Long Term Food Storage

The 7 core areas of preparedness

Being completely self-sufficient and living off the grid

Solar Metal Roofing - Going off the grid again!

How to Wash Dishes in Camp - No sink? No problem. Here's a step-by-step guide to backcountry dish scrubbing.

How to cross deep water

#Prepper #survival - 5 Disaster Prep Tips for Older Americans

Preppers Post | How to Cook in the Great Outdoors: A Primer on Dutch and Reflector Ovens

Knowing how to insulate yourself from cold weather is important to survive. In the wilderness use fibrous plants & grasses, even snow. For urban dweller, use cardboard & foam.

How to Make an Emergency Lamp from Common Household Items

Homestead Survival: Advice About Oil Lamps - Examining Different Styles

  • Linda Granz

    Got about a dozen of these with tons of extra wicks and oil.

#Prepper - 10 essential homemade survival items: long-lasting biscuits, homemade stove, moisture-proof matches... GREAT!

Good Info for survival- not a food storage post- more boy scout outdoorsy stuff. How to fend off a wolf attack, etc.

How To History -- video tutorials on how to actually do all this cool stuff :)

10 things you didn't know about 'Doomsday Preppers' - They may be ready for the end, but they're not as crazy as you think

Homesteading First Steps

#Prepper - How Horrific Will It Be For The Non-Prepper

Starting a New Homestead

Off The Grid News » Better Ideas For Off The Grid Living

Living Off Grid - How we grow winter vegetables - cheap and easy idea

Practical Real World Self Sufficiency Skills

West Ladies from Tennessee. They homestead a 90 acre farm without electricity and are such an inspiration.

Sustainable living blog