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SLP 101: Learning Targets for speech and language. Free download for general and personalized posters for your speech office. FREE!!! TheSpeechRoomNews...

SLP 101: Scheduling: Tips and tricks for scheduling for school based SLPs. TheSpeechRoomNews...

SLP 101: Working Folders. Folder with data sheets, attendace sheets, etc. FREEBIES included. TheSpeechRoomNews...

Hello Literacy debuts 17 new Hello Fonts.

SLPs on TPT. A resource list of all the SLPs selling materials on Teachers Pay Teachers

Beanie Baby Comeback! 5 Easy ways SLPs can use Beanie Babies in speech. From TheSpeechRoomNews...

Freebie 4th of july rhyming, patriotic speech therapy

Kids Fireworks Craft Using a Fork - Fun art project for the 4th of July or Memorial Day! For kids who are averse to forks/utensils, this is also a fun activity to help desensitize them through play

Sight Word Ornaments- Make a learning tree that students can add words to as they learn them. A fantastic motivator!

Speech-Language Pathologist. There is NOT an app for that. A response to the Wall Street Journal Article that said “Speech therapy for children is becoming a do-it-yourself project for parents” and that SLPs are "notoriously sleepy and low-tech".

Free Printable Bingo Game about Feelings | Peonies and Poppy Seeds:

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Behavioral Interventions--For Kids!: Where.Is.My.Mind

"Lands of Communication" Map - Speech Therapy bulletin board idea

  • Natalie Snyders

    My kiddos really enjoyed discussing where we were "traveling" on the map each session when I had this on my bulletin board! :)

  • Jenna Rayburn (SpeechRoomNews)

    Ah Natalie this is yours?! I am writing an ASHA piece and I referenced it :)

  • Natalie Snyders

    Yup, sure is! I had it up last year on my bulletin board.

  • Natalie Snyders

    (My kiddos didn't get the subtle humor I threw in there like the "Gulf of Pragmatics", but it amused me, at least!)

Angry Verbs!-This is an interactive bulletin board HOW TO PLAY- I made several "angry bird" cut outs with an irregular verb in the present tense and underneath it I wrote either: PRESENT, PAST, FUTURE. The students would then pick the corresponding block off of the board. If a pig was uncovered on all sides, the player got a bonus of 5 points!

'Guess Who' re-made for your older kids in speech therapy. Top 40 Music Version. They will love talking Beyonce and Pharrell! FREE download from TheSpeechRoomNews...

Speechie Freebies: Earth Day Word Hunt

5 free apps! All with Earth Day Theme!

Interactive Earth Day Book about recycling!

Earth Day Speech and Language: Describe the waste item and then sort into the correct recycle bin/compost bin. $