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Hurricane Sandy Furniture Donations Community New Jersey "MAIN PAGE"

Hurricane Sandy Furniture Donations Community is a grass roots non-profit organization located nationally collecting,donating furnishings for Hurricane Sandy Victims. You can donate furniture, household items, and money to support our efforts. Over 3100 households have received FREE furniture via donations from over 22 states and counting! :) We are here for all disaster relief within the United States whether be an individual family or large scale devastation. Please donate to help. :)

Hurricane Sandy Furniture Donations Community: A grassroots community of selfless givers providing disaster relief in the form of furniture & household goods to victims of Hurricane Sandy

Please donate if you can...any amount helps. I have a goal of $5000 in 60 days to raise money and purchase as many beds as I can for Sandy families. My campaign is a branch off the larger campaign for Hurricane Sandy Furniture Donations Community which has a goal of $200,000 in 60 days. You can also run your own Free campaign off the I did..with your own goal amount. $5000 is less than $100/day in donations #NewJersey #NewYork please get involved..people are sleeping on concrete.

Today's healthy dose of INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION :) This has been my favorite video ever on Youtube. Enjoy and Share...:) When we complain in one want's to help us....when we don't complain...everyone want's to help...Get it? If you spend your time helping others...someone quietly sneaks in to your life to help you. And this completes the circle :) Enjoy and Share! LOOK AT YOURSELF AFTER WATCHING THIS.mp4