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The Board S.

Follow my board and I will invite to you to add your own S pictures! You can find many famous places people can see the S symbol, as you have seen before. But you will find many others who will be surprises for you. I ask them to upload photos of the mark when they find it, you will be surprised how many symbols will be found today! Some believe that S symbol gives clues about the identity Straka, I do not know and its very easy to upset people to guess, I post photos for people to deciding.

Antique store in Atlanta

This after finishing a run when we decided to try to pet some of the horses owned by a rarely-glimpsed, secretive and reclusive neighbor...

I went to a Holiday party earlier today and found this tag on a Christmas present under the tree. Very curious.

I found this S on the web. It's from a certain wedding photo found at I asked Mr. Dominguez about the photo, but never received a reply to my email. Any ideas about what it means?

Movie mentioned in the margins of page 101

  • Ingrid Hardy

    Wow they really have gone to lengths with some of the references made...!

  • Kim Baldwin

    Yep. I'm finding that it goes pretty deep. There are even codes in the names of people in the book.

  • Ingrid Hardy

    Gosh I will have a lot to track once I'm done reading! Fabulous, I'm loving it.

  • Juri Moller

    Very cool!

The Winged Shoes of Emydio Alves

Look what I found in Kansas City, MO!

New York City NYC. Marketing stickers in the city

São Francisco River. Ana Luisa connections?

  • Juri Moller

    Meta data says for China. But picture source described São Francisco

Champagne bottle.

  • B19

    A rare Campagne Salon? It is difficult to determine which vintage from this photograph, though Salon has released only 37 vintages since 1921. Perhaps an earlier vintage that Eugène Aimé Salon shared exclusively with close friends?

Painting. Image under Christ's left arm.

  • B19

    This is a fresco of the Resurrection, found in the Sansepolcro Cathedral in the province of Arezzo in Tuscany, Italy. In other reproductions of the fresco, the "S" is less pronounced than in the image.

Nazca, Peru. South Peru. Geoglyphs?

  • B19

    We've been unable to find another image showing the letter "S" in the Nazca lines. We note with interest, however, that there are several geoglyphs that probably represent birds, a dancing monkey and a spider.

  • Kim Baldwin

    The photo has been edited to add the S. This is a photo of where the Spider is located in Nazca.

  • Kim Baldwin

    Is there any significance to the spider or spiders in general?

Lalibela, Ethiopia. Rock-cut cathedral

  • Meg Windecker

    Thank you for the invite Juri

  • B19

    Bet Giorgis (Church of St. George) in Lalibela, Ethiopia. It was carved out of solid rock in the 12th century after King Gebre Mesqel Lalibela of Ethiopia was instructed by God to build it.