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recipes to make 3 simple natural homemade air fresheners 1. lemon air freshener spray 2. vanilla and cloves spray or 3. citrus refrigerator freshener

Check out my review of these 3 great @Eva Koninckx Rosin Bamboo Ever Bamboo products. Ever Bamboo all natural unscented deodorizers. Shoe deodorizer, boot deodorizer & mini deodorizer charcoal

Day 112 – Baby Blue Eucalyptus is a heavily scented grey green/blue foliage with round to heart shaped leaves. It has a long vase life and is easily dried or preserved for even longer life. In both fresh and dried form eucalyptus not only looks stunning, but its leaves may be used as an air freshener and in medicinal teas.

Different ways to use dried lavender. Air freshener: How to do it: Mix together equal parts dried lavender buds and baking soda in a small jar. Shake well. Drop in 20-30 drops lavender essential oil, shaking after every two to three drops. Punch small holes in the top of the jar (or you could leave the top off the jar for extra amazing air deodorizing/freshening).

In LOVE with this idea!!! Could simmer pinecones in cinnamon stick water beforehand, let dry and when warmed with the candle will also be an air freshener ♥

Here's a wonderful way to scent a room by using a natural air freshener. Go out in Nature and gather some pine cones...add a few drops of your favorite scent, like Cinnamon and place them in a basket...I guarantee you the aroma will be much better than the synthetic scent from store brought ones :)

Scented Pine Cones

Scented pine cones in a mason jar. Awesome fall air fresheners!

MyEssentials Tip #1936 Place an opened box of baking soda OR an open container of activated charcoal behind the toilet to absorb bathroom odors.

Tons of ideas to get the old, musty smell out of antique furniture (or to remove smoke odors, etc.). Vodka (!), baking soda, activated charcoal, kitty litter, coffee are just a few of the suggestions.

Room Deodorizer with Activated Carbon ● PINtober #7

The Cheese Thief: Activated Carbon as a Room Deodorizer

Easy DIY Linen, Mattress, Bedroom/Room spray, Deodorizer/Germ Fighter recipes IT IS EASY TO MAKE YOUR OWN ROOM & LINEN SPRAYS & THEY DEODORIZE & ARE GERM FIGHTING NATURALLY.

Learn how to make this Natural coffee scented candle in my GoodLight Natural Candles review.

Cheapest coffee candle ever. All you need is some tealight candles, coffee beans and a nice little pot to put them. And voilá, instant air freshener.

Easy Odor Control with Homemade Sneaker Sachets. Perfect for boys....:)

DIY Today Online Network: DIY Scented Air Freshener

7 DIY Ideas To Make Your Home Smell Amazing without Chemicals

Scent can be so important in the home. This Summertime Stove-Top Potpourri sounds soooo heavenly, like a summer tropical paradise ;)

Homemade Air Fresheners: Essential Oil Reed Diffusers - Natures Nurture

Natural Room Scent Jars for DIY Gifts and Centerpieces

to freshen the air in home put few drops of lemon juice in your vacuum bag when you change it, the scent will spread throughout your home