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How can you turn laundry into a job that is enjoyable? More than drudgery? Here are 5 Great Ways to Change the Laundry into The Chore You Love

How to Change the Laundry into the Chore You Love

Rug Doctor Cleaner Review! #ad

Rug Doctor Cleaner -

Do you live with a clutterer? If so, here's some tips for dealing with their stuff while still loving the person. {on Home Storage Solutions 101}

What To Do When A Loved One Is A Clutterer And Is Messy

While it might seem overwhelming at first, a cleaning schedule can actually make keeping your house clean a whole lot easier! In just 3 easy steps, this super helpful post shows you exactly how to create a personalized cleaning schedule that will work for your own home. There are even free printables for four different types of cleaning plan!

Have you ever attempted to fold up your freshly washed fitted sheet only to give up in frustration and simply roll it up in a ball? Don't despair! While those corners might seem tricky, they really aren't as hard as they look. Here's a simple step-by-step tutorial for getting the job done:

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet - Living Well Spending Less™

No one wants to toss a perfectly good shirt because of a stain that won't come out! Next time, try these tried & true techniques for removing almost any stain. From blueberries to wine, these simple steps will keep your laundry looking good as new. There's even a cute printable cheat sheet to hang in your laundry room!

How to Remove (Almost) Any Stain - Living Well Spending Less™

Speed Cleaning--how to get a neat & tidy house in less than 45 minutes a day!

Speed Cleaning - Living Well Spending Less™

A clean bathroom is not only a much nicer place to start your day, it is essential to a healthy home, since it can very easily become a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and mold. Don't miss Part 5 of the Beginner's Guide to Cleaning for great tips & tricks for cleaning and sanitizing every surface in your bathroom, plus a great printable checklist to boot!

Part 5: How to Clean Your Bathroom - Living Well Spending Less™

Creating a Chore Time Routine for Preschoolers & Kindergarteners

Creating a Chore Time Routine for Preschoolers & Kindergarteners

Chore Dice- what a simple way to make chores a little more fun