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Story: This is my first tattoo, I got it because both of my parents are deaf and they’re my heroes. It means “I really love you” in American Sign Language. #tattoo #signlanguage

My best friend and I got Matching tattoos of “I love you” in American Sign Language. She has a 3.5 yr old deaf daughter and they were for her. This is her’s, mine is on my shoulder. Done at Atomic Tattoos in Tampa, FL.

My personal tattoo. The Roman numerals at top is the number 2003, which is the year my mom passed away. The sign for I love you is in the middle. I got that bc my mom was so dedicated to sign language. Lastly, the words I love you at the bottom are my moms handwriting. This tattoo means a lot to me, and I am proud to show it off.

My heart sign mom tattoo in honor of my mom who was deaf and passed a few years ago. This is what we would always sign to each other. I love you mom!!!

My tattoo for my grandparents :) Love the "I love you" sign!

I love you in sign language. I wouldn't get it behind my ear, but I almost lost my hearing permanently after having meningitis. Also, my mom and I used to do this when I would leave on the bus when I was in Kindergarten :)

'i love you' sign tattoo

The Tanuz Life: "I love you" sign tattoo!

Nice! Original pinner says: "This is my Sign Language tattoo right after it was done. For those who don’t know ASL, it means “I Love You”. This tattoo is a reminder of my love for the language. It was done by “Red” in Midland Texas. (The name of the shop escapes me, but they were all very wonderful.)"

Tattoo for my momma :) I love you in sign language and how she signs the cards for me!! Absolutely love it!!

I love you tattoo (sign language) Me and my mom are getting this together.

Story: This is my first tattoo, I got it because both of my parents are deaf and theyre my heroes. It means I really love you in American Sign Language. #tattoo #signlanguage julesbee

This is the tattoo I got for my mom last Summer. It means "I Love You" in sign language

  • hipretty

    is it tattoo or scarring?

  • hipretty

    whoops meant is it white ink tattoo or scarring?

  • Kim Beland

    Oops! Its not my arm. I just pinned this image. I would like think the tattoo is in white ink!

  • hipretty

    Yeah it's cool! :-D Thanks for replying!

i love you sign tattoo | American Sign Language "I love you" hand...

Tattoo that I might get in memory of my Daddy! It means I love you in sign language and it's how we always said goodbye.

My second tattoo in memory of my Uncle Mike. "I love you" in sign language