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Angelic symbols

Zibu - Transition Symbol

Change is a Good Thing

"Zibu symbol: 'Serenity' I like the symbol cute on a wrist"-Someone wrote that about this pin. I just think it looks like a penis lol

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Zibu Symbol: Unlimited Abundance

The Journal of Spirited Coaching

Zibu - Patience Symbol

Sitting with Patience

zibu fortitude....mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger or temptation courageously

zibu symbols and their meanings | Zibu Symbols And Their Meanings Jpg Pictures

Zibu Symbols And Their Meanings Jpg | HD

My Zibu symbol embrace life

zibu symbols | Enjoy the Blessings - its even the letter of my first name - oooohhh - think I wanna get a few small zibu symbols on my wrist

Enjoy the Blessings

Prosperoty - "Ana" (ah'-nah) - Associated Gemstone: Peridot - Prosperity begins within. It has to do with acknowledging the Beauty within. It opens the doors for good to arrive in its fullness.

zibu | symbol for Joy