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Alexandra, Last Tsarina

Alix of Hesse and by Rhine later Alexandra Feodorovna Romanova (6 June 1872 – 17 July 1918), was Empress consort of Russia as spouse of Nicholas II, the last Emperor of the Russian Empire. Born a granddaughter of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, she was given the name Alexandra Feodorovna upon being received into the Russian Orthodox Church, which canonized her as Saint Alexandra the Passion Bearer. She Murdered with her family by the Bolsheviks in 1917. She was the last Tsarina of Russia.

Romanovs; The Imperial bedroom The bed faced the window, behind it were hundreds of ikons and religious items which were hung on cords. Many of the ikons were ancient and valuable. The centerpiece was a large ikon of the Feodorovsky Mother of God - an ancient copy of the ikon used to bless the first Romanov Tsar when he accepted the throne.

Imperial Bedroom - Alexander Palace Time Machine

Ganina Yama, the monastery that now stands on the site where the bodies of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his family were dumped into a mine shaft after they were murdered by the Bolsheviks in 1918.

An Excursion to Ganina Yama | Katie Aune

The last Romanov prince Alexie inherited haemophilia from his great-grandmother Queen Victoria, an affliction which contributed to the end of Imperial Russia.