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Crossed Legs

legs crossed at the knee ---- HOW THE LEGS REVEAL WHAT THE MIND WANTS TO DO | Cross your legs at the knees. The lower part of the crossed-over leg should be more “downward” than “outward.” If you lean back a bit, tilt your chin down a touch, and put your arms out from your sides a bit (resting on something, not floating in mid-air), and make direct or sidelong eye contact, the effect is sexy/seductive. If you want to be really obvious about it, rotate your ankle a bit from time to time.

Crossed legs

Maite Perroni

Heres an important GIF of Emma Watson and what happened, I just fainted photo

Emma Watson in Short Shorts should definitely be in my must haves folder. I mean day-um the lady is sexy

Emma Watson in Short Shorts

Tamzin Outhwaite sexy leg cross

Tamzin Outhwaite sexy leg cross | Celebrities

Meet Beautiful Women

Stacy Keibler Crossed Legs

Stacy Keibler Crossed Legs | Celebrities

Jennifer Lawrence

Gorgeous legs !!