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Arquero Samurai XV Cent.

Sportbogen mit alu pfeilen von mongole Biete hier sportbogen mit 5 alu pfeilen von der marke mongole gut erhalten

Arqueros Mongoles, Séptima Cruzada

Jody Samson Sword, Mongol Bow by *ABNSmith on deviantART

Mongol Our all wood, reflex-deflex, composite beauty. 64" & 66"

Buryat Mongol.


Another traditional recurve bow

Scythian traditional recurve bow

Traditional Recurve Bow

Scythian traditional recurve bow

Traditional Hungarian Recurve Bow

Western Asian Angular Composite bows

An assortment of bows. Scythian composite, two Asian angular composites, Crimean Tatar composite, and Asian short bow.

Germany (Saxony), 1553-73. Belonged to Elector Augustus I of Saxony.

A decorated steel bow, India circa 1900

A fine encrusted crossbow, provenance: Germany dating: 17th Century

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